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Leadership Team

Neelam Chhiber

Co-founder and Managing Trustee at Industree Foundation and Mother Earth, Neelam has three decades of experience of working with artisans in rural areas. Neelam and her team have built a holistic ecosystem that works with rural women to equip them with the necessary skills and tools to set up self-owned enterprises close to their homes, thus ensuring mainstreaming. This has led to greater control over their economic security and resources to significantly improve economic and social gains. Having already impacted 60,000 producers, her aim is to strengthen the resources of millions of producers in the next 10 years.

Prashant Mehra

Prashant is a social intrapreneur working at Mindtree and Platform Commons Foundation in the area of Livelihood. His chosen vehicles for change are waste management, rural supply-chains, and small farmer agriculture. He is presently building PIE to support micro-businesses and social enterprises in the aforementioned area. His professional goal is to help build socio-economic inclusion, helping marginalized community members and micro-entrepreneurs operate and compete in mainstream economics, thus championing business innovation targeted towards livelihood and poverty reduction and fostering scalability in the social business ecosystem by way of building technology platform

Narayanan Raghunathan

Raghunathan is the Founding Director of Catalysts Group of Institutions and has over two decades of experience, working across sectors, geographies and communities. His passion is to facilitate solutions at a scale that eliminate inequities and marginalization. He believes that an integrated and people-centric ecosystem is a must. The DNA for sustainable change and transformation is an ecosystem integrating capacities of the communities, efficiency of the market, vision of the facilitators, and power of the state. Towards this, he strives to design models and approaches, test them, nurture partnerships to reach scale and engage with policy to create enabling space.