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Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

A high-impact response to the immediate impact of the COVID crisis that specifically addresses the livelihood needs of excluded, marginalised and vulnerable populations.

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Covid Response

Economic opportunity solutions with the ability to achieve disruptive scale, that are an immediate COVID response for vulnerable farmer and artisan communities, especially women.

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Building Capacity

Providing farmers and artisans within self owned businesses, with capacities to transition their enterprises into the formal economy and reach economies of scale.

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Improving Quality

Co-owned Enterprises have constant support service and access to professionals to help improve design, quality, ensure compliance with global and national standards and innovate by way of value addition.

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Establishing Transparency

Enabling farmers and artisans to unlock their abilities to use digital tools, that allow transparency across the supply chain.

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About PIE

Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship is built to help farmers and artisans improve their economic and social well-being. By leveraging open-source technology, knowledge resources and deep hand holding support from  pools of professionals, PIE enables  enterprises to directly access national and global markets and reach scale.

Catalysing Systemic Change

Active in India and Ethiopia, PIE is a Societal Platform*. There are 1.33 million farmers and artisans on the platform, built on the principles of cooperation and collaboration, between civil society, government and business.


Curriculums, SOPs, designs, across multiple value chains accessible to the first mile at minimal costs, affordable to them.


Technology  is used to create, communicate, deliver, and monitor the adoption of  products and  services


Collaborators co-create, provide access to innovative ideas and develop a shared ownership of the platform.


The platform facilitates interactions between civil society,government bodies and the marketplace.


Built on first mile needs, empowerment, transparency and data ownership restores  agency to primary producers.


Intuitive app design, built on 6C system services provide the basic framework for rapid & decentralized scaling.

First mile driven ecosystem building approach  to catalyse social change

6C Ecosystem

The 6C framework is the backbone of PIE’s first mile solutioning. It presents an ecosystem vantage to map crucial interactions across the value chain. Each ‘C’ is a core component critical for enhancing socio-cultural empowerment,  self sustainability and environmental balance.

Through enabling deep hand holding, PIE allows for collectivisation of marginal farmers and artisans, largely women, via Construct, with access to professional management services. This increases empowerment enabling  producers to enhance  competitiveness and produce within sustainable frameworks, move up the value chain supplying to organised markets, and aware consumers. Thus the engine of a next Regenerative Economy is powered, by allowing the most vulnerable primary producers to live in their communities, and become economic actors without migration, working with processes that are not harmful to the planet.

By adding on Capacity (training, skill enhancement), Create (value addition and design), Channel (access to markets), Capital (working capital financing at substantially lower than micro-finance rates) the 6C ecosystem completes itself with Connect, technology as an enabler.

Andhra Pradesh

A multi-channel, multi-partner inputs and outputs marketplace instance was implemented for 1,150 zero-budget natural farmers in eight clusters in Andhra Pradesh. Farmers realized a 75% increase with cumulative transactions of USD 4 million through direct trading on PIE.

Tamil Nadu

An instance of advisory integration for zinc application for 300 farmers in a single cluster of Tamil Nadu led to a 12% increase in Paddy output and resulted in a 20% increase in income for targeted farmers.


The implementation of PIE concepts in the state of Bihar is ongoing where thousands of artisans are being aggregated for distributed manufacturing and unified marketing under a single brand, to enhance livelihood opportunities in the state.

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* All content pertaining to the Societal Platform is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License by Ekstep Foundation, unless otherwise noted.