Methodology / Solution

Deep Hand Holding

Recognising Deep Hand Holding, DHH as foundational, as being the integration mechanism, within the 6 C Framework of professional services provided, PIE will enable the transfer of knowledge at scale in a graduated manner. It will use  Broad Hand Holding, BHH engines, specifically tailored to scaled preparation of professional service providers, and para professionals, enabling 6 C services to reach communities, effectively. The devil as always is in the details of professional services, and no shortcuts are possible.

Broad Hand Holding,
States and Central Government Hand Holding

One representative BHH engine, called RegenEarth, has been initiated as an 11 month program with a  global cohort, co creating curriculums to train professional service providers, both social intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, hand holding creative manufacturing collectives in Year1. This will  be widened to include agri value chains in year 2. RegenEarth gathers and disseminates best practices  through well-calibrated and mentored implementation, based on the 6 C Framework, to large national and international CSO’s, other accelerators, and educational institutions . The program is a global first, co-creating and sharing practises,  to help build the Next Regenerative  Economy. This engine ensures that a larger ecosystem gets built with greater control over economic security for downstream producers, leading to significant gains among disadvantaged communities and their  sensitive ecologies, whilst keeping the customer and local governments as  critical stakeholders.

Gradually it is envisaged that with increased traction, professional service provision will emerge from communities themselves, with highly localised  BHH programs, in local languages. 

Other than the 11 month program, modules can be selected  basis need and 3 month, 6 month, 9 month programs can be evolved. These can be moved into local colleges, ITI’s, polytechnics and a plethora of existing institutions within the government system with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, at central and with State governments.

Light Hand Holding

Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (PIE), is visualised as the Light Hand Holding, LHH, engine with strong technology enablers, that can use the power of networks and allow scale even faster. It enables  Broad Hand Holding and  Deep Hand Holding training curriculums and content, methodologies, value chain business plans, compliance and marketing tool kits, SOP’s and essentially all kinds of critical knowledge across 6 C’s, across multiple value chains in farm and off farm, to be made available for public good within the Creative Commons. PIE is populated  initially with knowledge emerging from work done by Industree, Vrutti and Platform Commons Foundation,but as is shared in Co- Create( link, section of website) , through continuous evangelisation, co creation and collaboration data will be assimilated from a multitude of other 6 C service providers.

PIE- 6C Services &
Knowledge Transfer Platform

Knowledge and best practices that are context specific, across Increasing numbers of value chains, co created for example at different state levels, within accelerators such as  Regenearth,  will lead to an increasing network effect and scale. PIE will provide access to certain sector agnostic frameworks, for data collection, knowledge management and  content  disbursal , easily digestible in atomised ways, by the first mile, often created by them. For this PIE could possibly have integrated API’s with existing Societal Platforms’, learning solutions such as Sunbird. (link)  For access to capital data flows could move between PIE and Avanti. (link) The 6C framework is the backbone of PIE’s first mile focused solution. Hundreds, if not thousand’s of  6 C service providers, very often communities themselves, (link to Digital Green) anywhere in the world can offer their services on PIE. 

This allows for collectivisation of marginal farmers and artisans, largely women, at scale, with access to professional management services, via Construct. Accelerators such as Regenearth, create curriculum and content  for the training of professional service providers. 

Construct– Professional service providers and communities have access to institution building app, built by Platform Commons FoundationPCF,  production process technologies on PIE, for volume B to B currently being co created  with Powered by People, trading and ERP solutions for B to B and B to C, developed by PCF
Capacity–    Grassroots Business Academy using applications like PDA, built by Socion  
Create–       Co-Create application being built with Sonata
Channel–    Creative Dignity, Hastti , MIRI– B to C sites
Capital–       Avanti, Proof of Impact
Connect–     Technology Solutions built by PCF, Sonata, Microsoft, Socion, Powered by People, Proof of Impact, Ekstep Foundation, Digital Green, with integrating API’s 

Technology is built on principles of maximum agency for the first mile, allowing for enhanced competitiveness and production within sustainable frameworks. Disruptive impact is achieved  by moving the most vulnerable up the value chain, supplying to organised markets and increasing consumer awareness through transparency in interaction.

The next Regenerative Economy is powered by allowing the most vulnerable primary producers to live in their communities and become economic actors without migrating, working with processes that are not harmful to the planet. Active in India and Ethiopia, there are 1.33 million farmers and artisans currently on PIE, built on the principles of cooperation and collaboration, between civil society, government and business.

Sector agnostic, context specific